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  • CHARLES DARWIN (1809-1882)

      - A biographical sketch of an infant
      - The origin of species

        Born on February, 12th of 1809, he was the son of Robert Darwin who had the largest medical pratices outside of London, and the grandson of Erasmus Darwin, author of Zoomania, or the Laws of Organic Life
        As a young child, he was keenly interested in specimen collecting and chemical investigations. But he wasn't an inspired student. At 16, he was sent to study medicine at the University of Edimburg.
        Disappointed by Charles' lack of enthusiasm for medicine, his father sent him to the University of Cambridge to study divinity.
        In 1831, thanks to Henslow, Darwin was invited to sail as the unpaid naturalist on the Beagle. During this five years journey, Darwin collected notes and geologic and biologic specimens.
        When he returned to England in 1836, he was welcomed by the scientist fraternity as a colleage. And then, in 1842, he decided to go to Down, where he spent his time studying and writing books.


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